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Citrus Label Tour Introduction

Citrus Label Tour Introduction

May 26, 2020

The Citrus Label Tour is a driving experience that explores the historic marketing of citrus through enlarged reproductions of the artistic labels that once adorned the old wood crates used to ship the fresh fruit to northern markets in the early 1900s.

The labels, displaying various flora and fauna, historical sites, military and animals, have become part of Florida’s heritage. The labels were popular from the early 1990s until the end of World War II, when the crates mostly switched to cardboard boxes.

Today, large reproductions of the labels are on display throughout Polk County at various sites along the trail. More information about the labels and the tour can be found at the Polk County History Center.

For more information, go to

Auburndale: Ariana and Bugle Labels
Bartow: Banquet Label
Bartow: Monogram Label
Bartow: Polk-O-Dot Label
Davenport: Flora Seal Label
Davenport: Golden Holly Label
Davenport: Matador Label
Davenport: Merry Xmas Label
Eloise: Cypress Gardens and Snively Labels
Fort Meade: Romance Label
Frostproof: Cody Brand Label
Frostproof: Griffin’s Delicious Label
Frostproof: Razor Back, Keen’s Pride and EverSweet Labels
Frostproof: Red Seal Label
Frostproof: Sky-Boy, BobCat and Maxcy Corporation Labels
Haines City: Haines City Citrus Growers Association Label
Lake Alfred: Lake Alfred Packing Company and Seald Sweet Labels
Lake Wales: Alcoma Label
Lake Wales: Capri Label
Lake Wales: Full and Waverly Famous Labels
Lake Wales: Ibis Brand and Mantilla Brand Labels
Lake Wales: Keen’s Pride and Family Tree Labels
Lake Wales: King Wales Label
Lake Wales: Lucky Day Label
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